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A Time of Change and Learning

Having to focus more on an online presence than before, is a new challenge for many of us who primarily sell our craft items in person.
In the past I have sold my jewelry pieces primarily at in person craft shows and some consignment shops. I did start an Etsy shop,
but didn't post all my items online as it took more effort to take the photographs, write descriptions of my products, price them,
advertise, post to social sites, and of course ship them.

For some artists, their art is their primary source of income, and during COVID this has hit them very hard.

Many have had to create more of an online presence or find other outlets for their art. For the promoters of the craft fairs,
this has been a difficult transition for them as well. Most or all of them have cancelled their in-person shows. Some have
been able to do a "virtual craft show" where the artists can post their items on the show's site and sell their items to
the public. More artists are trying to maintain or start an online presence through sites such as Etsy, Shopify and others.
This has been a time of transition for everyone.
With that being said, it is a learning experience for everyone. For myself, I am beginning to photograph more items and
will be posting them to my Etsy site. As I am spending more time doing that, I haven't spent as much time as I would like
in creating new pieces, but that will come with time. Look for new items in my shop that should be posted soon and I
will update my website with information regarding any virtual shows I may be participating in.


Looking forward to when we are able to have in person shows again.

Above all, remember to support your local artists.

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