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Creating your own website for displaying or selling your goods can be daunting, but it doesn't have to be. There are pros and cons to having your own website or using another platform.
It can be daunting to set up your own website, but it doesn't need to be. There are many options and different hosting plans to please the casual blogger to a person trying to sell their wares.


I started Whitty Wire jewelry's initial website in 2012. I found a software package that was great with point and click for adding text, photographs, and more. I was too nervous to set up my own online store and instead chose Etsy as my online shop and directed one of my webpages to link to my Etsy shop. Since that time, I have discovered how to customize the website and ready to start my own online shop directly from my website. I never received official training in website development but have been learning on my own.

There are advantages and disadvantages to creating your own website and e-commerce site

The advantages of having your own website are:
  • More control over design, marketing and SEO
    • You have the ability to design the website so that it showcases your craft or art the best it can be
    • You can show your personality through your website
    • You decide how to lay out your site and can change it as the need arises
    • You can optimize search engines and are not limited to a certain number of tags
  • You have your own URL and domain name and customers remember the name of your shop better
  • Fewer on page customer distractions
    • When your customer is on your website or merchant page, they don't receive ads from the competition for similar items
  • You are taken more seriously by the media and customers
    • This occurs when you have a site that is attractive, easy to navigate and well organized
    • High quality photographs of your items are key

The disadvantages of having your own website:
  • You have to know what you are doing
    • Know how to use the software for developing your site. There are many out there that will have some basic settings to help you get started.
    • If developing your own e-commerce site/shop, it's best to use trusted 3rd party platforms who stay on top of new regulations, taxes and have an easy to use shopping cart. Examples of these 3rd party platforms are: ECWID, Shopify, Magneto, etc. All have different requirements and costs.
  • You have to work more on your SEO optimization
  • Increased marketing tasks
    • You may need to have a social media or blog presence, fliers or business cards to get the word out about your shop.
    • Be clear on your shipping and policies
    • More competition on the web

Advantages to be on sites like Etsy, Art Fire, etc.
  • Site is ready to go, post items to sell
    • Out of the box design
  • Customer base already established
  • Lots of competition from similar items
  • Have support of community boards, FAQ
  • Some even offer ability to create a website under their business
  • Some shops calculate shipping and offer shipping labels for you
  • Online tracking of visits to your website, favorites, etc.
  • Depending on plan you choose, can get periodic ads that are included
Disadvantages to be on sites like Etsy, Art Fire, etc.
  • You don't have control over content
    • Limited by their particular format
    • If they offer website development, it is all under one umbrella. If something were to happen to that business, you would lose your website and shop
  • They take a portion of your proceeds
    • Some take a percentage
    • some charge a monthly fee or a fee for each item listed
  • Lots of competition, pstyivulstly ig you vtrsyr popular crafts such as jewelry, crochet or knitted items
  • There are often ads for other shops listed on your shop page that may direct customers to other sites.
With all that being said, the best thing I can recommend is to research all your options both the pros and cons of each approach. Some people continue to have both their own shop as well as one on an established site such as Etsy or Artfire. Others gradually transition from another commercial shop to their own site. There is never one solution that is right for everyone.
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